Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just had to do it!

    I love photos of babies in their diapers! And I may be a bit bias, but I think Jacob is the cutest baby in a diaper I have ever seen :) I can't believe how much Jacob has changed and grown. He is 7 1/2 months and lately he's been discovering so much. He can stand up holding onto things. He's starting to pull himself up on the entertainment center, coffee table drawers, boxes...etc.! He can't crawl yet; however, he has definitely mastered the army crawl! He can scoot anywhere. Sometimes I'll leave him in the living room and walk to the kitchen and call his name. He starts scooting and grunting until he sees me. Then he starts scooting faster and in a desperate voice says, "mom, mom, mom!" He started saying "Dada" and "Mom" about 6 weeks ago, but now we're pretty sure he has actually learned to associate Dada & Mom with James & I. We LOVE hearing him! It's funny though, because anytime he says "Dada", it's in a happy sing-song voice. And when he says "Mom" it's when he's scooting towards my feet and needs something, anything. It's so intense, so serious. So cute!
   Here are some pictures of Jacob at 7 1/2 months:
Jacob's favorite stand-up toy: his tool bench

playing with his spoon before dinner
if you look closely, you can see his 2 bottom teeth!
AND his 3rd bottom tooth came in today, too!


he's a baby, so it's cute :)

bath time!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Special Visitor!

Lisa & Jacob @ 3wks
Jacob's first time to St. Louis!
    I know you shouldn't say your child has a favorite Aunt, especially if you have more than one sister. But I tend to break that rule. You can't really do anything to hid it when your baby only lights up a certain way around one particular person :)
    When my husband found a new job, we moved about 2 weeks later. Our lease wasn't up for a couple more months and we didn't really have time to find a place to live, so we stayed at my parents house for about 2 months. Where my older sister lived, too.
    Jacob got to see Lisa EVERY day! In the mornings when she was getting ready for work, when she walked in the door after work, and most weekends. Lisa had a routine in the mornings: wake up, get ready for work, let out and feed Kita, pack lunch, make breakfast, & leave for work! -All of this was usually done in 45 minutes. But when you add a cute, happy, baby to the mix, it takes a little longer to get out the door!
   Lisa came by to visit last night and Jacob was so excited. Here are some pictures of the two of them:

Lisa & Jacob @ 12wks

Lisa & Jacob @ 4 months

Lisa & Jacob @ 5 months

Lisa & Jacob @ 7 1/2 months
He loves to chew on her ID badge :p

Thanksgiving with the family 2010!

Lisa & Jacob @ Christmas 2010

ok, so this one doesn't have Lisa, but it's one of my favorites :)
Jacob & Kita (the family dog) @ 4 1/2 months :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four Christmas's

Have you seen the movie? I didn't think it was very good. Anyway...among many other firsts, this year was Jacob's first Christmas! And he got to experience it four times! Let me explain:

  • Christmas #1 - One week before Christmas my Grandma passed away. She lived in northern Illinois. Jacob and I took a road trip up there with my sisters for her funeral. It was nice to see relatives. While we were there we stayed a few days at my parents house near Milwaukee. (the only person missing was James :( He stayed home to work.) And that is where Jacob opened his first Christmas present! 
  • Christmas #2 - Our second one was on Christmas day back at the house. It felt slightly odd since my parents weren't there, it was only James, myself, Jacob, and my three sisters. 
  • Christmas #3 - Later that day, we went over to the in-laws. I think that was James' favorite part about Christmas...because he got to enjoy his moms famous potato salad :) Grandma & Grandpa Lord gave Jacob the cutest stuffed dog wearing a santa hat & holding a stocking.
  • Christmas #4 - Everyone made it for this one! Dad, Mom, Lisa, Sharon, Julie, James, me, & Jacob, & Kita :) By the time we were all together it was New Year's Eve, but that just meant we had a whole weekend together. 

Christmas in Milwaukee, WI

Jacob's 1st gift: from Aunt Julie

Sharon gave him the onsie. It says, "All mommy wants for Christmas is a silent night"

James got my Beauty and the Beast!

Jacob's new favorite toy: a Batmobile from Daddy!

siblings & cousins at Grandpa's

Jacob meeting Great Grandpa for the 1st time!

our Christmas ham Lisa made

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

    What better way to bring in the new year than moving? That's what we did! James & I found a cute house to rent. It has 2 bedrooms, a big living room, a kitchen with LOTS of cabinet space, a separate dining room, and a basement. It feels so nice to have our own place again! It's our first house together and it feels like a house. Our apartment was nice...but I like this better :)
    Oh, and James' 6 minute commute to work change to 2 minutes ;)