Thursday, November 13, 2014

Labor Day (a little late :)

I am pretty sure we hadn't had family pictures officially taken since Jacob was Silas' age. Oops. Life happened and we just got busy. How nice it was though to get these pictures and see how much our family has changed since then. We've added one, soon to be another, and have all grown in hard, stretching, beautiful ways. Introducing: my family :)

"Don't smile Jacob, no laughing, either." -worked quite well.

I can't believe how big he is. When he sits in my lap his head can no longer fit under my chin. It hurts my back to carry him. He is so strong and fast. He is smart. He is 4. He loves his brother so much. And it makes my heart cry tears of happiness that he is excited to be a big brother, again.

This is what it was really like having family pictures taken. I was trying not to stress out at the lack of the boys'  understanding of what we were trying to accomplish and instead embrace their excitement for being in a new place to run and play. And they did run and play, lots :)

Classic Silas. He is 1 1/2. He is a wild child. If we would have had him first... I mean, he is spunky. He prefers adventure. He is a risk taker. How can one little tiny person stretch your limits so far yet your heart has grown larger than ever imagined just upon meeting him? 

I'm pretty sure he was asking me with his eyes why in the world was I letting Bubba take off with him in the wagon. 



Jacob looks exactly like James did as a child. And Silas will eventually grow into his teeth :)

love my family :)