Sunday, December 26, 2010

6 month photo shoot pictures...better late than never!

    I can't believe Jacob is 6 months! Well, now he is closer to seven months, but I took these pictures when he turned six months. I love having a six month old. Jacob is just so stinkin' happy, pretty much all the time! Here are a few things about my 6 month old...

  • Jacob can get just about anywhere doing the army crawl 
  • He enjoying scooting up to Kita (our dog) and "petting" her
  • He has a special squeal for James when he come in from work
  • Sweet potatoes are his favorite vegetable and bananas are his favorite fruit
  • He has officially lost ALL interest in his baby swing
  • Aunt Lisa and Jacob have a special friendship, Jacob loves being around her :)
  • Jacob has 3 favorite toys: his diaper wipe box, yellow ducky, and his blue hippo!