Saturday, April 30, 2011

april showers

James, Jacob, & I hosted Easter dinner at our house for the first time this year! We are so happy to have our own place again. We've only lived in our new place since January, but it already feels like home than :) It was so nice having my whole family in town, it doesn't seem like it happens too often anymore. So I soak it up when I can.

Sharon, Julie, Lisa,Katie & Jacob, James, Mom, Dad
Family picture taken Easter morning at Trailhead Church.

Sunday afternoon at our house. Along with Easter dinner, we celebrated Lisa's 27th birthday, which was April 20th.

Yesterday was the first Friday in a while where it didn't rain! Why is no rain on Friday's important to me? Because Other moms from church take their kiddos to the park to play & then have a picnic lunch. Yesterday was the first time Jacob & I went. I believe he enjoyed himself :-)

Having fun dragging his feet in the mud puddle

Jacob found a green frisbee on the playground!

Daddy & Jacob in River's Edge
at the St. Louis Zoo

Jacob absolutely loves to be outside! When I take him out he smiles so big and starts laughing. If I take him in, he starts crying. Sometimes he just likes to sit in the grass and watch cars go by. Other times he'll crawl around and find one dandelion at a time to break it off and stare at it. Then he'll look at me. If I'm not looking he tries to eat it! If I say, "No, Jacob." He crawls over to the next one to test if the rules are the same for the other dandelions!