Thursday, January 5, 2012


Aunt Lisa & Jacob
Christmas was different this year. It was our third Christmas together since we have been married. Our second Christmas with Jacob. And our first time hosting Christmas at our house!

Since my parents house sold towards the end of December, we had our Christmas a week early. Their house was on the market for two years and along with selling it, comes a bitter-sweet feeling. Yes, it's good that they're down to one homes living expenses. But now it makes their home in Wisconsin have a more real, permanent feel to it. Who knows, maybe one day one of us will move again. At least it is only a six hour drive :)

Back to Christmas... Is it weird that one of the reasons I was most excited to host Christmas this year was because I wanted to try making oatmeal in the crockpot? You may think I'm kidding..

When my family came over in the morning they were welcomed by warm oatmeal in the crockpot, the smell of  fresh banana muffins, cake balls, coffee and orange juice. I really enjoyed preparing everything and was glad they came hungry! After we ate, we opened gifts.

Mmmm... cake balls!

Banana muffins!

Aunt Julie & Jacob

Grandma brought the plane Jacob would play with at her house. 

Oddly enough, Jacob was okay with Elmo being the tree topper!

Grandpa helping Jacob open a gift.

I think that shirt looks too small for Grandpa, eh? haha

Jacob: "I get to play with Grandpa's blackberry!" At least he gets some snuggles in the mean time :)

Julie & I with the tackboard/mail holder I made her.

James & Julie....

Helping open another gift.
 On Christmas morning, it was just James, Jacob, and myself. And, in many ways, I'm still adjusting to having my own family. Even though we saw my family the week before, waking up for the first time Christmas morning and not seeing them was a little weird. I felt like I spent a lot of time thinking that day. This is my family. Why do I feel like I'm missing something? What will our traditions be? I'm not sure I'm ready to grow up. But I want what's best for Jacob... And then I spent the rest of the day wondering off into each thought. It was a good day. Full of reflection and trying to figure where we are at right now.

Change of subject. Jacob has this feddish with vacuum cleaners. He can spot one a mile away. And he's always found a vacuum cleaner when we are someone else's house. If we all go to the store, James will take Jacob over to the vacuum's while I grocery shop, and when I am finished I know where to find them. If he's having a bad day, or just being plain fussy, all I have to say (usually) is, "Jacob, do you want to help Mommy vacuum?" And instantly, a smile comes across his face. He loves to turn it on, feel the suction on his fingers and toes, and check out the  attachments. Only problem is... Our Dyson is too big for him to actually use and that frustrates him to no end. He tries so hard, it just doesn't work.

So James was on Amazon one night in November, and found a child's size toy Dyson. Needless to say, this has solved any problem :) Jacob was so excited when he saw the picture of the vacuum on the box. Even more excited when it made a real vacuum sound and it was just his size to push around. Although he is still fascinated with ours, when it comes time to vacuum, he jumps to get his so he can "help". He'll even park it next to our vacuum in the closet :)
Daddy showing Jacob his new Dyson!

checking out the features :)